How Hackers Hack

Hackers are seen on TV and in movies quickly typing up some magic line of code and suddenly having access to highly protected data. But it’s not nearly that easy. While it’s not easy, it is possible. So let’s share a few stories about how hacking actually works. EXPLOITSPersonally, I was able to hack into … Read more

Installing Anaconda

Anaconda is a Python distribution that bundles several popular Python tools, packages, and allows you to setup multiple Python environments. Perhaps you need different versions of Python or different versions of Python packages. Having multiple environments will make it easy to create and manage those environments. Anaconda is popular because it includes many of the … Read more

CentOS – What’s Next?

The CentOS distribution is a very popular flavor of the Linux operating system. It is built using Redhat Enterprise code and is meant to be a free-of-charge alternative to Redhat. CentOS is used by web hosting companies and many businesses for their production Linux server environments. Recently CentOS announced they are changing strategies. Instead of … Read more

It’s Time to Reinvent

Many small and midsized businesses rely on a hodge-podge of technology solutions. Many of them don’t work together, require a lot of effort to keep up with, or get filled with data errors. You can’t trust your data but you can’t survive without it. Everything from backing up your data to preventing hackers from getting … Read more