Machine Learning Introduction

Let’s teach a computer to play Rock Paper Scissors using a camera and machine learning. This video is a fantastic overview of how programming works for machine learning. It’s not easy. But you can learn what is Machine Learning and how it works. Google has a machine learning platform called TensorFlow. This is what is … Read more

Introduction to Google Colab

The following video is a quick tour of Google Colab. Google Colab is an online Jupyter notebook system that lets you access tons of data and packages in order to create Python notebooks from your web browser. This is the easiest way to begin your journey into data science and machine learning with Python, all … Read more – You gotta see this!!!

Data science is exploding and who knows more about data science than Google itself? Google has a site called has tutorials, data sets, sample code, and competitions that give beginners the opportunity to learn and experts the opportunity to cash in on some big money prizes. They call themselves an “Online community of … Read more

Installing Anaconda

Anaconda is a Python distribution that bundles several popular Python tools, packages, and allows you to setup multiple Python environments. Perhaps you need different versions of Python or different versions of Python packages. Having multiple environments will make it easy to create and manage those environments. Anaconda is popular because it includes many of the … Read more

It’s Time to Reinvent

Many small and midsized businesses rely on a hodge-podge of technology solutions. Many of them don’t work together, require a lot of effort to keep up with, or get filled with data errors. You can’t trust your data but you can’t survive without it. Everything from backing up your data to preventing hackers from getting … Read more