How I Hacked into a Bank

In the early days of online banking, it wasn’t done through the internet. It was done though dial-up networking. There were very few banks willing to try online banking because it was expensive to implement, fraught with risks, and the demand for this capability was in its infancy. One bank in Texas decided to launch … Read more

How I Caught the Payroll Hacker

My client was a major company with offices in every major city in the world. They have tens of thousands of employees system-wide and we had implemented a new electronic time-card system for their staff. We had time-card servers in all the major cities and attached modern badging and fingerprint recognition systems for punching in/out. … Read more

Catching the AT&T Hacker

The bulk of my career wasn’t directly related to security. I’ve been a software developer, database administrator, and Linux administrator. But security fits into these roles. Everyone participate in the security process. I8My “adventures” began the first day I was introduced to AT&T UNIX, SYSTEM V. It’s an old UNIX platform from before Linux. But … Read more

System on a Chip (SoC) Architecture

Computer hardware typically consists of a motherboard, processor, IO boards, graphic cards, and hard drives. Every now and then we see some evolution to this, but the overall concept is the same. A computer is as fast as it’s slowest component. As certain components speed up, other components become the slowest part. The most recent … Read more

How Hackers Hack

Hackers are seen on TV and in movies quickly typing up some magic line of code and suddenly having access to highly protected data. But it’s not nearly that easy. While it’s not easy, it is possible. So let’s share a few stories about how hacking actually works. EXPLOITSPersonally, I was able to hack into … Read more

CentOS – What’s Next?

The CentOS distribution is a very popular flavor of the Linux operating system. It is built using Redhat Enterprise code and is meant to be a free-of-charge alternative to Redhat. CentOS is used by web hosting companies and many businesses for their production Linux server environments. Recently CentOS announced they are changing strategies. Instead of … Read more