Getting to Know WordPress

Most articles that I find get into advanced topics for WordPress pretty fast. They forget that when you’re brand new, you need to be spoonfed every little thing and given time to become familiar with WordPress basics first. Why WordPress WordPress is a very powerful website system that lets you focus on content more than … Read more

Preparing Your eCommerce Catalog

Building an online store, aka eCommerce site, is a potentially huge endeavor. You’ll be faced with organizing your online catalog, choosing an eCommerce platform, and setting up a payment gateway. You’ll also want to consider your fulfillment and support system because things will go wrong and you will want to be prepared. Organizing your catalog … Read more

Popular eCommerce Platforms

There are a lot of eCommerce software products that you can install and use. But which one is best? If you choose one, how do you know it will be supported several years from now? If you build a site, will you be able to update it? Will it break whenever they update the server … Read more