Our Very First Website

The website content below was taking from our very first website in 1996. We were called Hobby Enterprises, Inc. back then. We were early pioneers of the Internet from before there were web pages. We used tools such as telnet, ftp, usenet, and gopher. When mozilla released their first web browser, we started building web pages.

While we did create a few pages before this one as tests. This one was the first official website that we placed on our business cards and marketing material. So few people had Internet access at the time I doubt we had any visitors at all.

We’ve included this old site here simply for nostalgic reasons. What’s interesting about it is that there isn’t any contact information at all. Back then you used business cards to get people to visit your website. Strangers never happened upon it. But still, we should have at least included a phone number.

Mission Statement

Hobby Enterprises, Inc. provides high quality consulting services to individuals and businesses. We work closely with our customers to provide the best solutions for our customer. Most businesses today require rapid solutions to technology problems. Hobby Enterprises, Inc. recognizes this need, so that is our mission. We provide advanced solutions for small businesses, enabling the entrepreneur to compete with the mega-corps.


UNIX System Administration – We can support your UNIX system remotely or on site (in the Houston, TX area). We have extensive experience with System V, HP-UX, and even Linux systems.

LAN Administration – We are knowledgeable in Novell, Windows NT, and UNIX network management.

Security And Disaster Recovery – Experienced in network security and disaster recover techniques. Industry trends towards smaller databases complicates recover procedures. Many administrators are not comfortable with their own ability to recover from disaster. We can prepare a disaster preparedness strategy for your organization.

Client/Server – We have developed and support both two-tiered and three-tiered client/server systems. These systems typically involve multiple hardware platforms, multiple operating systems, and complex networking issues.

Software Development – We develop software for UNIX, Windows, and DOS using a variety of programming languages such as ‘C’, ‘C++’, and several 4GL languages. We are primarily focusing on client/server solutions in a TCP/IP environment.

Audio Text Systems – We develop custom audio text applications. Our audio text system is easily customized to solve a variety of business needs.

Internet Marketing Solutions – We offer complete Internet marketing solutions for communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals. Our approach is designed to minimize the costs (and risks) while gaining you the exposure you need to support your existing customer base and to attract new customers.