Our Team

Anything Internet has a team of outstanding people that we are very proud of. We carefully recruit, hire, and train some of the brightest minds available. Everyone at Anything Internet truly loves technology and has demonstrated an innate ability to implement solutions to the most complex problems. We are very proud of our staff. Can you tell?

We have a few people that we call our “CORE TALENT”. These are the brightest minds with the strongest commitment to our business and our clients.

Our Core Team

Jerry Hobby – Chief Technologist

Jerry is a founding member of Anything Internet. With thirty years of business technology experience, he maintains active leadership in the infrastructure strategies of client projects.

Jerry Hobby - Futurist and Chief Technologiest

Therese Samala – Senior Project Manager

Therese has been our top project manager for more than ten years. She is committed to serving our clients and is darn good at it. She is reliable, insightful, and a fantastic resource for administrative tasks as well as leading our teams through complex project requirements.

Christopher Dixon – Technology Intern

Christopher is a student with a deep passion for all things technical. He is highly skilled in security, operating systems, and is also helping us with software development and data science. He is at the beginning of his career and is already more brilliant than your average career professional. We are proud to have him interning with us.

ugly intern

Ken Burgess – Honorable Mention

Ken was a co-founder of Anything Internet. He specialize in web design, newsletters, and marketing.

Ken passed away a few years ago. We still benefit from his contribution and wanted to honor him for that so we included him on this page.

If you are a past client of Ken Burgess or of his previous company, Final Factor, then please stay in touch with us.