Installing Anaconda

Anaconda is a Python distribution that bundles several popular Python tools, packages, and allows you to setup multiple Python environments. Perhaps you need different versions of Python or different versions of Python packages. Having multiple environments will make it easy to create and manage those environments.

Anaconda is popular because it includes many of the packages used for math and graphics. This makes it the best distribution for data science professionals. You could use a standard distribution of Python if you prefer. Anaconda just bundles all the tools together and gives you ways to manage your environment.

If you cannot install Anaconda for some reason. You can recreate the Anaconda environment by installing the tools separately. Anaconda includes the following common tools as well as several other things:

Spyder – A Python interactive editor similar to iPython
Jupyter – A tool to create a hybrid page that includes executable Python code and text with markup. Interactive documents.
conda – Similar to pip, it lets you install packages. It also lets you create and manage environments.

To download Anaconda –