Kaggle.com – You gotta see this!!!

Data science is exploding and who knows more about data science than Google itself? Google has a site called kaggle.com. Kaggle.com has tutorials, data sets, sample code, and competitions that give beginners the opportunity to learn and experts the opportunity to cash in on some big money prizes.

They call themselves an “Online community of data science and machine learning professionals.” Seriously, this is where the big brains play!

They are welcoming to beginners and have several introductory competitions designed for you to complete on your own time just to learn how this all works. But once you get going, you can join teams and enter more significant competitions. Maybe there’s a contest to see who can predict the stock market prices in the future, or calculate how a virus may spread around the world. They provide the data and you write the code to analyze it and forecast it. It’s NOT easy.

Cash prizes can be quite high. Businesses sponsor these competitions and that’s how Kaggle makes money. The business wins by getting some fancy algorithms. The programmer wins a big prize. And Kaggle makes a cut as well. Everyone wins.

Go to Kaggle.com and sign up. It’s all free. Nothing is for sale. Join the community and put your programming brain to work. You could save the world!