CentOS – What’s Next?

The CentOS distribution is a very popular flavor of the Linux operating system. It is built using Redhat Enterprise code and is meant to be a free-of-charge alternative to Redhat. CentOS is used by web hosting companies and many businesses for their production Linux server environments.

Recently CentOS announced they are changing strategies. Instead of being a clone of Redhat, they are going to implement as a streamed distribution. That means updates are pushed out ahead of schedule. While CentOS was lagging behind Redhat by a couple months, they now intend to push ahead just a bit. Maybe they want to switch to a paid support model similar to Redhat. I’m not sure.

What upsets their customer base is that now we can no longer rely on CentOS to be identical to Redhat. It’s possible they will push out other features on a different schedule. While that won’t really matter to most people, if you have custom developed software, you don’t want things breaking.

The truth is that CentOS will probably remain a stable and amazing distribution of Linux. But for those who are afraid of this policy change, people are looking for alternative distributions to put their faith in. Debian based distributions are gaining in popularity and there are a number of great alternatives. But there’s also a new kid in town. Rocky Linux is under development and that development is being led by one of the CentOS founders if I’m not mistaken. Their goal is to fill the niche that CentOS has been filling for so many years.