Graphic Design

Graphic design is critical to establishing your brand. From basic color choices to the overall theme for your site and other marketing materials, it is important to create a consistent message to your customers. Subtle elements in your graphics can alter a customer’s perspective considerably.

Logo Design

Many companies will keep a logo design for the life of the company. A great logo is the signature of your brand. An anchor-point for your relationship with your customers. Do you have a logo that really connects with your brand message? Maybe you need a new logo or maybe you just need a little polish on the old one to make it fit your brand just a little better.

After years with my original logo, I decided to change it from lowercase letters to uppercase letters. Perfect!

Website Design

A basic website is frequently sufficient for most small businesses. A few pages that discuss your products and services along with some type of call-to-action will usually get the job done. Product companies will need a shopping cart. As the need arises, add landing pages, support forums, or newsletter.

We will help you build, brand, and expand your site design as your business grows. If you are on a tight budget, we will keep things simple and clean. If you want something more engaging, we can help you there as well.