Internet Marketing

People buy products because they need them, sure. But they also buy them because they believe in the company, they feel like it’s a great value, and they believe other people also prefer those products. It is an accumulation of product information, buyer psychology, brand image, and consumer sentiment. Knowing why people buy your products is the first step to creating a marketing campaign.

That’s just the beginning. Once you think you know the reasons people buy your products, you need to know where those customers are, what websites they use, what other products they may be buying, who they trust, what words they search for, etc.

Marketing, is like fishing. You have to have the right bait, at the right time of day, during the right season, on the right lake, in the right “spot”, and maybe you’ll catch the right fish.

Jerry Hobby

If you get any part of this equation wrong, your campaign will not produce the desired results. Having the right web page and the best keywords are a good start. Knowing how to find your customers, how to keep them coming back, and building long-term relationships with them is the ultimate goal. The high cost of customer acquisition is paid for by having long-term relationships.

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