Web Hosting

Web hosting companies typically offer a few different services that offer solutions for different needs. Here’s a table of account types you may find on various web hosting providers. Anything Internet offers web hosting services to clients of our Internet Marketing services.

Shared Hosting Account

Shared hosting means there is one server with potentially hundreds of websites hosted on that server. This is the most common solution for website hosting. It’s powerful enough for most websites and also handles email accounts without any trouble. Shared hosting accounts usually have a few rules that basically prevent you from dominating the server. No mass mailing, for example.

Virtual Private Server

Some websites have more advanced needs either in terms of performance or capabilities. A virtual private server (VPS) gives you what is essentially your own server. You still share the hardware with other accounts. But the operating system and server configuration is entirely yours. This lets you choose what products are installed so you can tailor the server to your specific needs. The primary drawback is that with power comes responsibility. You’ll need to administer the server yourself. All patches, security, and maintenance are your responsibility.

Dedicated Server

When you need the best performance and the most control, then you can rent a dedicated server. This gives you your own hardware. You can purchase a server that meets your specifications. But just like a Virtual Private Server, you’ll need someone to keep up with all the maintenance.

Rack Space

There are a few data centers that will lease you space in their data center. You can rent space to install your own hardware. This is necessary for a few companies that need specialized hardware, more security, and need full control of their hardware. One client of ours that needed this had a requirement of having multiple external hard drives. They needed to be able to grab one of those drives and physically carry it away on short notice. They rented rack space and configured everything for their specific needs.

In-House Servers

You also have the option of hosting your own hardware in your own office space or data center. This leaves you with the responsibility of the network, network security, physical security, etc. This solution is most common when the web server must also interact with back-office systems and there are several technology professionals on staff that know how to setup and maintain this type of environment.

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